Traffic Law

Traffic law in North Carolina involves a variety of offenses. Moving violations can come with fines, license suspensions, insurance hikes and the inconvenience of having to appear in court. Hiring the Law Office of William Corbett will give you an advantage and help limit any long-term effects.

Reduction in Points

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a traffic law attorney to handle your citation comes with a reduction or elimination of points. Most moving violations come with points on your license. This causes most insurance companies to raise your rates. Paying that citation will make it go away, but the points resulting from that violation stay with you for years. That means more money out of your pocket every month for your auto insurance.

Negotiating Traffic Offenses

Every person who drives a car is a candidate to commit a moving violation. That can occur by accident or could even be the result of someone else’s negligence. Speeding is the top moving violation, although citations can be reduced by a traffic law attorney. When you are ordered to appear in traffic court, hiring a lawyer will allow an attorney to speak directly to the judge on your behalf.

Additionally, William Corbett also has familiarity with prosecutors that allows him to sometimes negotiate traffic offense down to a violation where there are no points involved. These matters have to be approved by a judge, but Mr. Corbett will speak on your behalf and advise you on the best possible route to take.

Advantages of hiring The Law Office of William Corbett

When you hire the Law Office of William Corbett, you will have an immediate advantage. Our years of experience will automatically start working in your favor to help provide the following:

  • Reduction in charges and fines
  • Representation in court
  • Elimination of points
  • Open communication with our attorneys
  • Detailed knowledge of traffic violations

A smart investment

Hiring The Law Office of William Corbett is a smart investment because it could wind up saving you plenty of money in the long run. Even if your citation is not thrown out, a reduction in charges will cost a lot less over the long haul. Paying a minimal fine today without points saves motorists from having to deal with high insurance increases for years to come.


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