Insurance Claims

Sustaining a personal injury that has been caused by someone else usually means that you will have to deal with an insurance company. Unfortunately, this is an area that not all victims are familiar with. Fortunately, help is just a phone call away as the Law Office of William J. Corbett can help.

Why hire an Insurance claims lawyer

Most insurance claims are filed because of auto accidents, but they can also extend to other types of incidents. Dealing with a homeowners insurance claim could wind up leading to an insurance company intervening at some point. The representatives of these companies include lawyers, adjusters and examiners. And while they may appear to have your best interest in mind, their job is to pay you as little as they can or nothing at all. This is why you should have someone fighting for you, someone who understands the policies, procedures and protocol of insurance claims.

Denials of insurance claims are not uncommon, particularly when the injured person has no legal representation. Insurance companies also prey on the fact that claims are generally filed during times when victims are in need. It is often a difficult time, which means many victims will be more likely to settle for much less than they deserve. This is where an insurance claims attorney at the Law Office of William T. Corbett can step in.

Reasons for denial of insurance claim

First, it should be noted that insurance companies deny a lot of claims. That does not mean you cannot contest that denial. Insurance companies use a number of tactics to try and get out of paying a victim what he/she rightfully deserves. There are also several common reasons companies will provide when denying a claim. But that does not mean you have to stand idly by and take it. Here is a look at some of the reasons your insurance company will use when attempting to deny your claim.

  • Exclusions in a policy
  • Insurance policy has expired
  • Coverage has lapsed
  • Inadequate claims data
  • Preexisting medical condition

If an insurance company uses any of these excuses and they are proven invalid, the company will then have to pay punitive damages on top of what they will already owe. That also applies to legal fees and could amount to a substantial payout. If you are facing a battle with an insurance claim in Statesville, NC, contact the Law Office of William T. Corbett and start fighting back.


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