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A personal injury claim, action or lawsuit is a civil remedy that allows an individual to seek compensation for damages caused by the negligent or careless acts of…

another person, entity or organization. An injured party is entitled to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages/income, lost earning capacity, physical pain and emotional suffering, permanent injury and other itemized damages. It is important to note that there are certain time limitations applicable to these actions and claims. If you have a need for a personal injury lawyer in Mooresville, NC, contact the Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr.

A wrongful death claim is brought about when the death of a person is caused by a wrongful act or negligence of another. This action is governed by North Carolina…

General Statute 28A-18-2 and is brought by the personal representative or collector of the decedent. Damages recoverable for death by wrongful act include:

Expenses for the care, treatment and hospitalization incident to the injury resulting in death; Compensation for pain and suffering of the decedent; The reasonable funeral expenses of the decedent; The present monetary value of the decedent to the persons entitled to receive the damages recovered; Such punitive damages as a decedent could have recovered pursuant to Chapter 1D of the General Statutes had he survived; Any type of fatal accident caused by negligence can result in a wrongful death claim including auto accident, dangerous and defective products, as well as medical malpractice and abuse.

The Statute of Limitations for a wrongful death action is very specific and different from other limitation periods. If you need to speak with an attorney regarding a wrongful death claim, then contact the Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr.

A claim or lawsuit resulting from a motor vehicle accident results from the negligence of another as defined by common law negligence or by the violation of a safety…

statute. Damages for these claims can include both personal injury and property damage. Injury claims often range from soft tissue injuries to serious, permanent and debilitating injuries, and even fatalities. A number of factors contribute to the risk of motor vehicle collisions including the speed and manner of driving, road conditions, and possibly impairment due to alcohol or drugs. As for property damage, the measure of damages is the difference in fair market value of the vehicle immediately prior to the accident compared to its conditions immediately after the accident. This encompasses not only repair costs, but also damages in the form of diminished value. Additionally, loss of use or rental expenses are also recoverable elements of a property damage claim. If you have a need for an automobile accident lawyer in Mooresville contact the Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr.

The law in North Carolina assumes that every insured has read his or her insurance policy be it a Homeowner’s Policy, Motor Vehicle Policy or Life Insurance Policy.

The plain and simple truth is that the vast majority of individuals do not read their policies, and probably would have some difficulty understanding the points of coverage, exclusions, and other insurance terms contained within the policy. Also, consider the various riders, supplements and amendments that often accompany an insurance policy. The Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr. has extensive knowledge and experience pertaining to insurance claims, the interpretation and understanding of insurance policies, as well as the application of the North Carolina Statutory and Case Law Authority pertaining to insurance coverage issues.

Types of Insurance Claims:

  • Motor Vehicle Liability Coverage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motor Vehicle Coverage
  • Property Damage Claims
  • PIP Claims
  • Homeowner’s Claims
  • Fire Loss Claims
  • Business Property Loss Claims
  • Health and Life Insurance Claims

If you are in a dispute with an insurance company pertaining to a claim that was denied or undervalued, then contact the Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr.

We handle claims resulting from accidents and injuries involving private boats, jet skis, personal watercraft, boating accidents involving drug and alcohol…

impairment, and claims pertaining to docks and marinas.

If you think or believe you have a watercraft accident claim, then contact the Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr.

In North Carolina, a person commits the offense of impaired driving if he/she drives any vehicle upon a highway, street or public vehicular area while under…

the influence of an impairing substance or after having consumed sufficient alcohol that he/she has at any relevant time after the driving, an alcohol concentration of .08 or more.For a defendant to be guilty of driving while impaired (DWI), the State must prove that the defendant had ingested a sufficient quantity of an impairing substance to cause his/her faculties to be appreciably impaired.

The punishment for driving while impaired is based upon a consideration of various factors that are labeled: Grossly Aggravating Factors, Aggravating Factors, and Mitigating Factors. The application of these factors will determine the appropriate punishment level. There are Five Levels of Punishment with the most severe being a Level l Punishment wherein a defendant can be fined up to $4,000.00 and sentenced to a term of imprisonment for up to two years. The least severe of the Levels of Punishment is a Level 5 Punishment wherein a defendant can be fined for up to $200.00 and possibly face of term of imprisonment for as much as 60 days.Another element to consider is the qualification of a limited driving privilege. A limited driving privilege for qualified defendants allows them to drive for essential purposes relating to any of the following:
  • The person’s employment;
  • The maintenance of the person’s household;
  • The person’s education;
  • The person’s court ordered treatment and assessment;
  • Community service ordered as a condition of the person’s probation;
  • Emergency Medical Care;
  • Religious worship;

A limited driving privilege is available for those receiving a Level 3, 4 or 5 punishment. Additionally, based upon the degree of impairment, a defendant may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed as part of the condition for obtaining a limiteddriving privilege. The ignition airlock condition is applicable to those having an alcohol concentration of .15 or higher at the time of the offense.

Again, there are many factors to be considered in a DWI charge ranging from the Levelof Punishment to the eligibility of a limited driving privilege.

Other driving offenses include driving while license revoked, reckless driving andcitations and charges resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Citations involvingspeeding can carry ramifications including increased OMV driver points and an increasein insurance premiums.

If you have been charged with a DWI or driving offense, then contact the Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr.