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Personal Injury Lawyer
in Mooresville NC

Hiring a personal injury lawyer means more than just fighting for compensation. It also means protecting your rights. We are committed to doing our part when it comes time to negotiate a settlement or persevere through the litigation process. Your rights are our primary concern.

When making a personal injury claim, it is our duty to cover every possible detail. That means obtaining a copy of the police report as well as photographing damages and injuries. And if you are injured in an auto accident, we will help secure a rental car. As a trusted personal injury attorney, it is our goal to make sure every client is accounted for.

Being an effective personal injury attorney means being a well-rounded attorney. The fact that personal injury law includes so many different facets makes the demand that attorneys need to be very detailed in both their knowledge and experience. This can be the difference between winning and losing and can also dramatically increase a settlement amount. When you enlist the Law Office of William T. Corbett, we will work tirelessly to ensure that all of the following that can be recovered.


  • Damages in the future
  • Medical bills
  • Emotional stress
  • Reduction in earning capacity
  • Incurring some type of disability
  • Lost wage Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Damage to property

Personal injury may also result in death and that could lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. Whatever type of personal injury you have suffered, we will be by your side every step of the way. It is also important to remember that our payouts typically depend on what you receive in compensation. That gives us even more of an incentive to fight on your behalf. However, we consider every client a top priority and that means never slowing down or accepting anything less than a high level of performance from our team.

My name is William Corbett and I have been practicing law in North Carolina since 1989. I am a sole practitioner in Mooresville, North Carolina specializing in personal injury, wrongful death, catastrophic accident casesautomobile accident claimsinsurance claims and disputes as well as boating and watercraft accidents. We also represent defendants regarding DWI/DUI charges, traffic citations and misdemeanor criminal charges. My office represents clients from the very early stages of a a claim all the way through jury verdict and appeal if necessary. I have successfully tried cases from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina.

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